Dr. Miles Varn

Matthew Centrowitz
August 4, 2017
Jeannette Matheson Lussi
August 8, 2017

Tyler, Hunter, Jeannette and the entire Lussi family met Dr. Varn in 2000 when he was called to assist Jeannette, who had suffered a terrible bike crash because of a dog running off a leash while training for her first Ironman. Badly bruised and concussing for several days thereafter, Jeannette was save from much more serious injury because her helmet did its job. Arriving on the scene, Dr. Varn immediately administered first aid and after getting Jeannette in the ambulance and to the hospital explained to the Lussi family that Jeannette’s helmet, although in pieces, had likely saved her life by absorbing the energy of the 33 MPH downhill crash into a rip-rap culvert.

The Varns and the Lussis, who lived just a few blocks from each other, discovered their families enjoyed triathlons, soccer, swimming and many other sports. They became great friends and Dr. Varn has been there to support the entire Lussi family during their sports endeavors. Dr. Varn was following in a boat during Hunter’s swims and close by during Hunter’s bikes and runs when Hunter broke the Half Ironman and Ironman Distance records at 12 years old and 13 years old respectively. Dr. Varn’s medical support of and information to the entire Lussi family has been unmatched from sprained ankles from rock climbing, stitches from in pool training collisions, puncture wounds, jammed big toes, fractures, torn hamstrings and ankle ligaments from soccer to the best of the best advice from around the global medical community for sports training, increased respiratory performance, injury preventative exercises and suggested vitamins, supplements and treatments that do not violate any of the NCAA or WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) rules. Dr. Varn has also been a big supporter of Hunter’s mission on Capitol Hill to Get America Off The Couch and exercising across the country.